Weight Loss

Think Thin Programme

Many therapists believe that self hypnosis is the main benefit to aim for with their clients. Until a client is able to use the techniques they have learned they are not fully empowered and are still relying on someone else.

To help with weight loss I have developed a self help programme based on Hypnosis and NLP that will help you achieve your goal of reaching your ideal weight.

You can learn powerful Self-Hypnosis and NLP techniques to lose weight. These techniques and ideas can also be applied in many other areas of your life.

Tackling weight loss head-on with diets and willpower can just become a battlefield. Re-educating your unconscious mind and learning to feel positive about healthy choices make weight loss and management more of an automatic and natural by product.

The programme I have developed is over a 5 week period. In addition to your weekly sessions you will have a recorded CD of your initial session to reinforce the new life changes. It is recommended that you play this daily. Having learned the techniques you will have the formulae for continuing positive life change that will help you cope with anxiety or poor eating habits which often lead to unnecessary weight gain and subsequent ill health.

This therapeutic work can be undertaken individually or within small groups of up to four people after an initial assessment session. There are reduced rates for groups according to size.

For those whose BMI would indicate morbid obesity there is the option of undertaking a Mind Band Weight Loss Programme. This procedure (carried out over five sessions) using visualisation and NLP techniques  utilises the power of your own subconscious mind to fit a “virtual” gastric band. This enables you to eat less and feel satisfied with much smaller portions.

PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone is suitable for this procedure, your sutability can be assessed at our first session and an alternative weightloss programmes can be advised if required.

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