Mediation Service

Sadly in many cases couples may decide that a relationship is over and may wish to separate. As a trained (court appointed) mediator I can provide a safe environment for negotiation on how parents may agree on how to manage their separation.

This provides for a specific focus on parental planning and taking care of the needs of children including future planning and contact arrangements. At the end of mediation (usually consisting of 4 x 1.5 hrs sessions) a “without prejudice” document is agreed. Each parent may then discuss this outcome with their own solicitor who can then advise or be requested to act upon the client’s instructions.

This process has huge cost and time saving benefits in addition to meeting the needs of children who very often are sidelined or caught up within parental conflicts. It also cuts down on the cost of solicitor and court communication.

The favoured venue for such work is at my purpose built premises at Inch Island which offers privacy and maximum confidentiality.

What are the advantages of mediation?
Mediation helps parents to:

  • focus on the children’s needs;
  • look at options they may not have considered;
  • find new ways of building trust, respect and confidence in each other;
  • talk with a professional who has knowledge and experience in dealing with children from separated families.

Through mediation, parents often feel more committed to agreements they make themselves than those imposed by the courts.

Children are also more likely to adjust better to separation if they know their parents still care for them and are involved in making decisions about their future. In this way, children may continue to feel loved and protected by both parents.

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